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Benno (Graduate of the Vocational College, now a graduate of the MA Intercultural Communication)
“At the first information event I attended, I found out that you can get a BA and even an MA at the SDI without having an official university entrance qualification (Abitur). That’s when I decided to come to the SDI.”

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Elective course: Chinese

Chinese is the language of the future! It is also a learnable and extremely fascinating language.

As a student in the Vocational College for Language Careers (BFS), you can take an elective course in Chinese. In weekly two-hour lessons, you will learn how to handle the most important communicative situations: from greetings, shopping and eating in restaurants to basic small talk. In addition to teaching you vocabulary and useful phrases for everyday life, the course will familiarize you with Chinese customs and traditions. You will gain insights into the diversity of Chinese culture, including Chinese writing. In fact, you will learn to decipher the most important characters and even enter them into the computer.  

The elective course in Chinese lasts two years and is suitable for students who are enthusiastic about discovering new things and who enjoy learning languages.

Elective course: French

Students in the Vocational College for Language Careers (BFS) whose first foreign language is English, Spanish, Italian or Russian and whose second foreign language is not French can take an elective course in French for two hours per week. 

This course can be attended by anyone who has prior knowledge of French (approx. 3-4 years of school French or equivalent) and who wants to maintain and expand on their French language skills in addition to their first and second foreign languages. Attending this elective course will ensure that participants’ active and passive competence in French is maintained. Students in the course will benefit from being able to work on three foreign languages simultaneously, whereas students in the Vocational College normally only work on two.