7th International Symposium on Live Subtitling and Accessibility

Scientific Committee

Image: Carlo Eugeni

Carlo Eugeni, PhD, is a parliamentary live subtitler at the Rome Capitol and chair of the Intersteno Scientific Committee. He has pioneered studies on respeaking with publications in live subtitling and deafness. He teaches audiovisual translation and conference interpreting at several Italian and European universities. He is a member of the Erasmus+ project LiveTextAcces and led the work package concerning the design of a harmonised curriculum for training real-time intralingual subtitlers.

Image: Christiane Stroh

Christiane Stroh, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer for Italian at the University of Applied Sciences of the SDI München. Her research areas are competence-based and self-directed learning. She is an expert in curriculum development for Bachelor and Master degrees.

Estella Oncins, PhD, is a Senior Researcher at TransMedia Catalonia (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain). She has a large experience in providing accessibility for live events as a freelance translator, subtitler, surtitler, respeaker for different Spanish televisions and conferences, and as an audiodescriber for Gran Teatre del Liceu. Her research areas are audiovisual translation, media and web accessibility and creative industry. She is currently involved in different EU H2020 projects (HELIOS and TRACTION). She also participates in the ERAMUS+ KA2 EU co-funded projects Live Text Access (LTA) and IMPACT.

Gion Linder. After studies in marketing Gion Linder worked as a consultant for different new media projects in the eighties and nineties. He worked as a content-manager for a publisher, as a product-manager for a cable-company and as a project-manager for a mobile carrier. In 2007 joined SWISS TXT, a company of the national public broadcaster, where he strongly increased the number of services for television and third-party entities in all national languages. Meanwhile he is a member of the management board. Gion Linder is also chairman of the Eurovision Access Services Experts Group.

Henk-Jan Eras, Master in Political Science, currently works in The Hague as Quality Officer and Team Leader with the Parliamentary Reporting Office of the States-General of the Netherlands. Henk-Jan has over 25 years experience with (managing) parliamentary practice and practicalities, especially regarding transparency and accessibility. Main fields of interest include: reporting, video on demand, live streaming, internet applications, ASR, speech-processing technology, (live) subtitling, metadata, chain management, client panels, usability and quality control. Member of the Scientific Committee of Intersteno and editor of Tiro (Journal on professional reporting and transcription).

Image: Isabelle S. Robert

Isabelle S. Robert, PhD, is a senior lecturer of French at the Department of Applied Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting at the University of Antwerp (Belgium), where she teaches undergraduate courses on French oral and written text production and in Translation Studies, and graduate courses on Dutch–French translation, revision and translation technology. Her main research interests include translation process research, audiovisual translation (interlingual live subtitling), translation revision processes, and sight translation

Image: John Vice

John Vice has been Editor of Debates in the UK Parliament’s upper House, the House of Lords, since 2012. He started working in Parliament more than 30 years ago, when he worked for Hansard in the House of Commons before moving to Lords Hansard in 2001. He has written various publications on Parliament and on the history of Hansard, and is president of the Commonwealth Hansard Editors Association.

Pablo Romero Fresco, PhD, is Ramón y Cajal researcher at Universidade de Vigo (Spain) and Honorary Professor of Translation and Filmmaking at the University of Roehampton (UK). He is the author of the books Subtitling through Speech Recognition and Accessible Filmmaking and the leader of the international research centre GALMA (Galician Observatory for Media Access). Pablo is also a filmmaker. His first documentary, Joining the Dots (2012), was screened during the 69th Venice Film Festival and was used by Netflix as well as film schools around Europe to raise awareness about audiodescription.

Pilar Orero, PhD, works at UAB. She is member of the research group TransMedia Catalonia and has written and edited many books, and near 200 academic papers and book chapters. Leader and participant on numerous EU-funded projects, she is co-founder of the Media Accessibility Platform MAP and is a member of the ITU IRG-AVA - Intersector Rapporteur Group on Audiovisual Media Accessibility, the working group ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 35, the Spanish UNE working group on accessibility, and of ANEC Accessibility working group.

Image: Rocío Bernabé

Rocío Bernabé, PhD research student in easy-to-understand media services, is Deputy Head of the Professional College of Translation and Interpreting of the SDI in Munich (Germany). She holds a MA in Translation (UGR) and a MA in Accessible Documents, Technologies and Applications (UNIR). She is also an external collaborator of the research group TransMedia Catalonia. She is the project leader of the EU co-funded project Live Text Access that aims to create certified learning materials for real-time intralingual subtitlers by respeaking and velo-typing. She is also project partner and accessibility manager of the EU co-funded project EASIT, Easy Access for Social Inclusion Training.

Image: Zoe Moores

Zoe Moores is an AHRC TECHNE-funded PhD research student and Visiting Lecturer at the University of Roehampton. Her research explores how respeaking could be introduced into the live event setting in the UK to broaden the access provided for d/Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing audience members and the wider audience. She has worked for Ericsson as a respeaker and subtitler and is part of the GALMA research group.