Bachelor’s in Modern Chinese Studies

Become a specialist for China!

China is one of the oldest advanced civilisations and one of the largest economic powers in the world. Every fifth person speaks – and thinks in – Chinese. The Bachelor's degree programme in Modern Chinese Studies will make you a multilingual communication professional and specialist for China without any prior knowledge of the Chinese language!

During the 7-semester degree programme, you will combine language with intercultural competence and can choose between different specialisations: Choosing international business will introduce you to the field of international business and economics and will give you an understanding of global economic relationships. Specialising in language, culture and translation will improve your China competence for a variety of career prospects in the sense of an encounter with contemporary China.

During the internship abroad, you will bring your language skills to a high level (HSK 5) and thus belong to a small group of people who are able to start a career as bridge builders between East and West.

If you need to boost your German language skills (B2 level), start your time in Munich with our summer course intensive programme (A1–C1) – the ideal preparation for your studies!

Benefits for you

  • Intercultural communication and business administration – with a focus on China

  • Start from scratch – no prior knowledge of Chinese necessary

  • Hands-on – intercultural projects, authentic culture

  • Authentic – lecturers, professors and students from Greater China

  • Global – intership in China integrated in the programme

  • Connected – large number of partner universities in China to choose from

  • Study and work – 3-day university compatible with a part-time job

  • Personal – close professional relationship with professors and lecturers

  • International – students, lecturers and partner universities from all around the world

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
7 semesters
3-day university
210 CP (ECTS)
International campus

China has so much more to offer than you think: a rich culture, elegant and graceful written characters and a rapidly developing, ultra-modern society. Are you curious? Then go ahead! If you are brave and willing to try something new, completely new professional fields will open up for you. At the SDI, you will get the necessary tools: know-how in intercultural project management, in booming areas such as China outbound tourism or cultural management, but above all key soft skills such as intercultural sensitivity and communication competence, motivation and responsibility. Learn to think in an interdisciplinary way, to overcome mental barriers, and start building bridges between cultures. That's what the world needs!

Prof. Dr. Lingqi Meng, Programme Director

Study programme

Key facts at a glance

Academic degree

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

European Credit Transfer System

210 Credit Points


7 semesters full-time on three days a week (incl. Bachelor’s thesis)


State-recognised and accredited


German, English and Chinese (without prior knowledge)

Practical training semester

Semester in China at a (partner) university or internship at a company


  • International business
  • Language, culture and translation

This degree programme is right for you ...

  • if you are interested in Chinese culture and language and would like to start your professional career in China, an international company in Germany or an international organisation right after completing your studies.
  • if you were raised multilingually with a connection to China and are looking for a degree programme that reflects this intercultural identity.
  • if you are fascinated by foreign cultures and are ready to embark on a real adventure.
  • if you enjoy interacting with people from different backgrounds in an international atmosphere.
  • if you are aiming to specialise in a Master's degree programme with an intercultural focus and would like to develop a wide, professional knowledge base beforehand. In this case, the Master's degree programme in Intercultural Communication and as Digital Media Manager at the International University SDI München could be excellent future prospects for you.

Career prospects

Perfect conditions for starting your professional career

Good Chinese language skills combined with intercultural competence sets you apart: you belong to a group of sought-after China experts who can solve culture-related problems in a linguistic and methodical manner.

The Bachelor's degree programme prepares you for working in international companies and international teams with a connection to China. You will acquire a wide knowledge of economic and cultural contexts.

With your Bachelor’s degree you can also start a Master's degree programme in the fields of business and/or communication, such as the Master's degree programmes in Intercultural Communication, as Digital Media Manager, as Translation or in Interpreting at the International University SDI München.

Career prospects

  • Intercultural consulting

  • Cultural management

  • International project management

  • China outbound tourism

  • Public relations

  • Corporate communication

  • Human resources

Graduate testimonials

A day at the International University SDI München – a colourful mix of languages and cultures: communication training in Chinese in the morning, then discussing tomorrow’s presentation with a fellow student from Qingdao; some small talk with Erasmus students from Spain and Italy during the lunch break; a quick coffee from the Greek bistro before it’s time for the marketing lecture in English. This is how you learn languages and prepare for a career in a multicultural environment! 非常感谢

Noemi, graduate


Frequently asked questions and answers

Generally, the following language skills are required for this degree programme:

  • German: B2 competence level (CEFR)
  • English: B1 competence level (CEFR)
  • You can take up the programme without prior knowledge of Chinese.

If you have other foreign language skills, there is no a problem at all, as this is a multilingual degree programme. Our Student Advisory Service is happy to advise you on this.

You will spend the semester abroad in Greater China. We recommend a semester at a Chinese university, for example at one of our more than 25 partner universities in China and Taiwan. Experience shows that you make greater progress in Chinese if you spend your semester studying at a university than doing an internship, during which you often speak English in the company. It is also possible to spend the semester abroad in another Asian country (e.g. Singapore).

Degree programmes at the International University SDI München are designed as a 3-day university. You will attend seminars and lectures three days a week and have two days off to work either at the SDI as a student assistant or at a company.

You can also apply for a scholarship. Our Scholarship Assistant can help you with that. If you have any further questions on the topic of financing, please contact our Student Advisory Service.

Since degree programmes are designed as a 3-day university, you are free to work on two days a week (in addition to the periods with no lectures). You will also acquire some of the programme content yourself, of course with the support of digital tools and media. This makes it easy to combine studying and working.

Our lecturers will help you find internships, jobs as working students and Master’s theses with practical relevance. Since the lecturers and the university have a wide network of contacts, current requirements of the job market are continuously incorporated into the programme content.

In addition, our students can find out about the latest job advertisements and internships at the Career Center.

Graduates of the Modern Chinese Studies degree programme work in various industries and career fields simply because China is becoming increasingly important in many industries. Our graduates work in the following fields:

  • Human resources
  • International marketing
  • Project management
  • Corporate communication
  • Key account management

Our graduates work in various institutions and companies, including NGOs and NPOs, and even start their own businesses.


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