Corona updates / Hygiene concept at the SDI München

Last updated: 5 May 2022 – Looking for the German version?

With the start of May, further Corona regulations have been lifted.

Since the number of infections seems to be going down, but students and colleagues are still contracting virus, we would like to ask you to adhere to the guidelines below.

On the one hand, these measures are supposed to protect your own health, but in a community they are aimed at proctecting your fellow students who are particularly susceptible or at risk.

3G rule and test requirement

  • Students of the International Univerysity no longer need to provide 3G evidence to attend the lectures.
  • Students in DaF and S&T no longer need a 3G certificate.
  • The test requirement for students and pupils at FAK and BFS has been lifted.

IMPORTANT: Infected persons, persons who have tested positive and persons with obvious severe cold symptoms are still not allowed to enter the SDI!

FFP2 or surgical masks

  • Even though the mask requirement has officially been lifted, we kindly ask you to continue wearing masks indoors, especially where you cannot maintain the 1.5m distance.
  • FFP2 masks have been proven to offer better protection, but wearing an OP mask also protects others and yourself in a better way than wearing no mask at all!

Airing rooms

  • Airing rooms is always beneficial, regardless of whether there is an official regulation or not.
  • Together with your lecturers, please remember to air classrooms for at least 3 minutes every 20 minutes. This also applies, of course, when you meet and study in groups.

Dealing with cold symptoms

  • You are allowed to attend classes at the SDI if you have a slight scratchy throat, a slight cold or occasional clearing of the throat. In this case, please take a self-test every day if possible, wear an FFP2 mask and consistently keep your distance.
  • In case of strong cold symptoms, please consult a doctor.
  • In the event of a corona infection, please make sure that you follow the current isolation rules!

Thank you very much for your contribution and take care!

Your team of the SDI München / International University SDI München

Official sources of information

On the following websites you will always find current information from the official authorities. Please inform yourself regularly about the current situation and follow the recommendations.

Please inform yourself actively!

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