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// Skills cards for new professional roles: easy-to-read validators and facilitators We are happy to announce the second event of the Erasmus+ project Train2Validate on training for validators and… Read more
// Have you heard of Pandemology? Pandemology is simply short for pandemic terminology, and it is a free online COVID-19 terminology database that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The database… Read more
// Prof. Florian Feuser has been named the new President of the International University and Director of the SDI München. He succeeds Prof. Felix Mayer, who stepped down after 20 years as President;… Read more
// The International University SDI München will participate in an Erasmus+ KA203 that aims for an academic certification of people with intellectual disabilities as easy-to-read validators. The… Read more
// After 20 years as Director of the SDI and 13 years as President of the International University of Applied Sciences SDI Munich, Professor Felix Mayer is retiring from his positions and handing over to… Read more
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Semester overview

Important dates in the winter semester 2021/22

1 October 2021Start of winter semester 2021/22
4 October 2021Student orientation
5 October 2021Start of lectures and classes
24 December 2021 –
6 January 2022
Lecture-free period for all degree programmes
26 January 2022 – 12 February 2022

Examination period

from 14 February 2022Lecture-free period for all degree programmes
14 March 2022End of winter semester 2021/22

Important dates in the summer semester 2022

15 March 2022Start of summer semester 2022 / Start of lectures and classes
14 April 2022 –
19 April 2022
Lecture-free period for all degree programmes (Easter)
3 June 2022 –
7 June 2022
Lecture-free period for all degree programmes (Whitsun)
expected from 10 July 2022 –
30 July 2022

Examination period*

1 August 2022 –
30 September 2022
Lecture-free period for all degree programmes
30 September 2022End of summer semester 2022

* Please note the announcements of the Examination Office regarding the binding determination of the examination period and the registration deadlines.

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