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International University SDI München

Are you interested in a degree programme involving business and economics, communication and digital media? Or do you want to expand your knowledge as a language professional with a Bachelor's or Master's degree? Would you like to work in an international context?

The International University SDI München is specialised in intercultural communication and offers state-recognised and accredited Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in the fields of business and economics, communication, media and languages. All our Master’s degree programmes are accredited for accessing the higher grade of civil servants in Germany.

A private university like the SDI lets you enjoy the benefits of studying in small groups and with firm support from professors and lecturers with considerable professional experience. The International University SDI München is characterised by an international atmosphere and has business cooperations and contacts from all around the world. This way, you can already gain valuable international and hands-on experience during your studies.

The International University SDI München operates only on a non-profit basis. Tuition fees are used to continuously improve and develop our degree programmes.

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    Intercultural communication in business and media

    Do you want to design communication processes in businesses and organisations?

    Are you interested in interdisciplinary studies? Depending on the degree programme, you can expand your know-how in the fields of business & economics and management with intercultural elements and gain additional professional language skills. This will prepare you perfectly for the global job market; working in a company or in an international organisation; online/remote or face-to-face.


    Digital Communication and Media

    Do you want to create engaging digital content?

    Are you interested in the digital economy? Do you want to create engaging digital products or services for users, with a focus on intercultural aspects? In our Bachelor's degree programmes, you can expand your knowledge in the areas of human-centred design and user experience (UX), and gain practical experience in these fields. A unique aspect of the programme is how it takes intercultural perspectives into account. In our Master's degree programme, you will study the development of digital business models in an international and interconnected world.

    Language services

    Do you want to work as a translator or interpreter?

    Are you a language professional with a practical focus - or would you like to be? Or have you already completed training in the fields of languages and communication and would like to professionalise further with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme? Perhaps you would also like to deepen your expertise in translation and interpreting and expand it with state-of-the-art methods and skills?

    Find out about our enticing partnerships with companies and other universities.



    Language didactics

    Do you teach languages and want to professionalise further?

    Do you want to improve your teaching skills with modern didactics? Do you want to be as flexible as possible in regard to time and place?

    The International University SDI München offers a unique online CPD programme for Spanish lecturers. We are planning to offer it for additional languages.

    Our campus

    Study on an international campus in Munich


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