Studying and learning at the SDI in times of Corona

    Last updated: October 21, 2020

    Hygiene concept at the SDI München for the containment of the corona pandemic

    Hygiene Concept - Updated: October 18, 2020 (PDF)

    Dear students!

    After an exciting spring and a comparatively relaxed summer, an even more exciting autumn and winter is now following in terms of Corona. The number of infections is rising, but, unfortunately, the willingness to follow the rules and safety measures is increasingly dropping. We all wish we could finally be together again in the way we were used to. But we will still need some patience! With classroom teaching we have at least some normality back. If we want to maintain that little bit of normality, we all have to make an active contribution to minimizing the risks!

    Therefore we urgently ask you to follow the Corona rules and safety measures that are in effect at the SDI. And of course, we are happy about everyone who helps to contain the spread of the virus in their private environment and postpones partying until next summer!

    • Mandatory use of face masks. In class, in corridors, toilets, in common areas – also outdoors and in the bistro if you use it for learning and working. In any case, masks are mandatory in learning groups that take place at the SDI, as the minimum distance can rarely be observed.
    • Ventilate frequently and dress warmly. Before and after each lesson, the rooms must be aired at least 5 minutes. If possible every 20 minutes. Only one thing helps: dress warmly!
    • Keep a distance. Wherever possible, please keep at least 1.5 m distance from fellow students, classmates, lecturers and administrative staff. If the classroom allows it, please always keep a chair (and maybe even a row) free.
    • Signs of illness. Please stay at home and check the symptoms if you have any signs of illness. If you have slight cold symptoms and no fever within 24 hours, you may attend classes.
    • Online lessons. The decision as to whether classes must be divided up or held online is up to the local health authorities. Our new online tool for digital teaching is ready for use just in case. And yet, we very much hope that we can get the numbers under control and that classroom teaching will continue to be possible.
    • Bistro use. The bistro is now reserved exclusively for lunch between 11:00 and 13:00. You are welcome to use the library or empty classrooms.

    Now it is important to keep at it and, above all, to stick together! Please let us all continue to work together so that we can get through the next months in good health!

    Many thanks for your support!

    Your team of the SDI München

    Last updated: September 4, 2020

    Corona Rules for the new school and academic year 2020/21

    On Wednesday, 09.09.2020, the regular training programme will start at the Professional College of Translation and Interpreting (FAK) and the Vocational College for Language Careers (BFS). We have put together a few Corona rules to ensure that everything runs smoothly!

    Last updated: July 24, 2020

    Have a nice summer break – despite Corona!

    An extraordinary semester and school term lie behind us. From one day to the next, the daily, personal exchange with fellow students, lecturers, colleagues and friends turned into a virtual chat via zoom, Webex, Skype, Jitsi, GoToMeeting etc. Face masks have become a natural part of our everyday outfit, and shaking hands and hugging has transformed into an elbow bump. Thanks a lot for participating in the last weeks and months! Only with your help was it possible to master this special time so well!

    We all hope that, after the summer break, we can resume day-to-day operations as normal as possible. At the SDI we are preparing for different scenarios: for regular classes as well as for a mix of online and classroom teaching or – if necessary – online teaching exclusively. As soon as we have information from the ministries, we will inform you via all of our available channels: elSDI, e-mail and our website.

    If you are travelling to a risk area or feel ill on your return from holiday, we would ask you to observe the applicable regulations. A quarantine may be indicated or a test may be useful. Think about your own health, but also about that of the people around you.

    Have a nice holiday and stay healthy!

    Last updated: April 24, 2020

    On April 16, 2020, the Bavarian Cabinet approved the measures to gradually resume teaching operations. Read all relevant information here.

    The SDI München is currently open from 09:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. However, due to the current situation, we are trying to keep the number of visitors as low as possible and therefore would like to ask you to contact us preferably by e-mail or phone.

    General information

    As of 27 April 2020, teaching is to be resumed at technical colleges (Fachakademien) and vocational schools (Berufsfachschulen), with special arrangements for the final classes. For all other areas, online teaching and online teaching will continue to apply.

    • Access to the SDI will continue to be possible only via the entrance at the secretariat. The separate exits are marked accordingly.
    • Teaching and lecture rooms will be arranged in such a way that the prescribed minimum distance is maintained. Wherever possible, there will be separate entrances and exits.
    • The canteen must unfortunately remain closed.
    • Please continue to observe the hygiene regulations that have been posted throughout the building.
    • Auf jedem Stockwerk sind Spender mit Händedesinfektionsmitteln angebracht.
    • Please support the recommendation to wear protective masks. A homemade mouth and nose protection will certainly be the big seller this year. Be part of it as a trendsetter. Increasingly, simple masks can also be bought again in retail stores. Whether the wearing of mouth protection - against the background of all other general conditions - can be dispensed with in the school building is currently still being discussed in the Ministry of Health. Please leave professional masks to doctors and nurses.
    • The classrooms have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected during the closing time. After use they are cleaned again immediately according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health.
    • Please use only your own working materials and do not exchange objects.
    • Only one person at a time may enter the toilet facilities

    International University SDI München – University of Applied Sciences

    Online teaching or face-to-face teaching: Within less than a week and with your support, we have successfully switched teaching to online. Every day we are learning and getting better. From 20 April 2020, all lessons will take place as planned, but will remain online. The library will also remain closed. In any case, we will do our utmost to provide you with the literature you need for your work. We will also continue to make the use of the computer rooms possible, taking into account the hygiene regulations.

    And we are currently working on having many of our courses certified for online teaching as well, so that we can be even more flexible for you in the future.

    Examinations: We currently assume that the examinations will take place as planned during the scheduled examination period starting on July 11, 2020. At the same time, we are examining what alternatives are possible. As usual, you will find all current information on elSDI.

    Submission of theses: Bachelor and Master theses are to be submitted online. Details can be found on elSDI. The Office of Student Affairs and Examinations will continue to be your first point of contact for student concerns regarding student status, certificates, leave of absence, financing problems etc.

    For prospective students

    Student advisory service: Our Student advisory service is available online for F2F dates. You can book your personal appointment directly on our website.

    Online application and enrolment: You can apply and enrol online from probably May. Until then, you can of course already submit your documents by e-mail or post. And, of course, our Study Office is always available to answer your questions online or by telephone.

    Info webinars: We are constantly updating our range of info webinars. Click here for further details and registration.

    Professional College of Translation and Interpreting (Fachakademie für Übersetzen & Dolmetschen)

    Update: Important information on the gradual return of the FAK to face-to-face teaching (PDF; 24.04.2020)

    Gradual return to presence teaching: According to the currently available resolutions, only the graduating classes of FAK 3 will start with face-to-face instruction on April 27, 2020. We are currently investigating which lectures can continue to be held online for your own protection and for which attendance is advisable. In any case, we are planning to hold outstanding exams in the week beginning 27 April 2020. Details can be obtained from the school management about elSDI.

    Online teaching or classroom teaching: Within a very short time, with your support, we have successfully converted teaching to online teaching. Every day we are learning and getting better. In FAK 1 and FAK 2, as well as in parts of FAK 3, teaching will continue to take place online.

    Examinations: The State Examination for Translators and Interpreters has been postponed to 25–27 May 2020, as previously announced. However, a further postponement is not excluded. At present, we are assuming that the exams in FAK 1 and FAK 2 will take place according to plan – the exam phases will not begin until May. In any case, we will keep you up to date with your contacts.

    Student advisory service: Our Student advisory service is available online for F2F dates. You can book your personal appointment directly on our website.

    Enrolment: You can enrol at any time. Please use the forms on our website. You can submit them by e-mail or by post.

    Info webinars: We are constantly updating our range of info webinars. Click here for further details and registration.

    Vocational College for Language Careers (Berufsfachschule für Sprachenberufe)

    Gradual return to presence teaching: After the Easter holidays, classes in BFS1 and BFS2 will initially continue to be held online. School operations will then gradually resume from 27 April 2020, starting with the final classes and subject to special conditions. You can find out how the BFS2 will continue in concrete terms from 27 April 2020 by e-mail and via elSDI in the course of the coming week via the school management.

    Final exams: We currently assume that the exams will take place as planned during the scheduled examination period from 16 until 18 June 2020.

    Advice and information on registration for the coming school year:

    You can reach us by e-mail and by phone from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 12:00 o'clock and 13:00 and 15:00 o'clock under +49 89 288102-23.

    Info webinars: We are constantly updating our range of info webinars. Click here for further details and registration.

    German as a Foreign Language (Deutsch als Fremdsprache)

    Teaching: All current courses have been switched to online. Registration for online courses is possible at any time. We will keep you informed about further developments.

    Summer courses DaF (German as a foreign language): The international summer courses will take place online. You can obtain information on this by e-mail.

    Exams: The next telc-exams B1/B2/C1 will take place on 7 and 8 May, 2020. We gladly accept your registrations by by e-mail.

    Advisory services: We will be happy to answer your questions by e-mail or by phone at +49 89 288102-0 or + 49 89 288102-84.

    Click here for further German course formats!

    General measures and regulations

    • Duty to inform: Information by e-mail and website on current developments must be regularly accessed by students and staff. In addition, current information is also made available in the house as posters.
    • Crisis committee: The management committee analyses the current situation on a daily basis, consults internally with the specialist departments and the works council and is in contact with the authorities. A separate corona coordination unit has been set up.
    • Hygiene regulations: Please observe the information on correct hygiene behaviour.  
      • In principle, the hygiene rules that are also valid for influenza and other common colds apply.
      • Please keep your distance to sick people, just as you would if you had a cold or flu.
      • Wash your hands regularly with soap and avoid shaking hands.
      • If possible, always keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from the person you are talking to.
      • If you have a cold yourself, please observe the sneezing and coughing recommendations: use a handkerchief and dispose of it in a closed container. If necessary, sneeze or cough in your elbow and not in your hand.
      • Use the dispensers in the building with disinfectants for the hands.
    • Travel: Business trips to high-risk areas are prohibited, private travel to high-risk areas is strongly discouraged.

    Official sources of information

    On the following websites you will always find current information from the official authorities. Please inform yourself regularly about the current situation and follow the recommendations.

    Please inform yourself actively!

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