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About the SDI München

By taking a degree or training programme at the SDI München, young people get the perfect start to their professional careers in a globalised world. All our degree and training programmes are state-recognised.

Young people can experience the world at Campus SDI – in the middle of Munich, a metropolis with great job prospects and a wide range of leisure activities. International students and lecturers from over 70 countries and cooperation with universities all over the world make Campus SDI an intercultural meeting place. The student studio flats help you live your best student life beyond your studies at the SDI.

The SDI München is characterised by high-quality degree and training programmes with individual guidance and support. At the SDI, you are more than just a university registration number! Tired of “talk and chalk" teaching? Our lecturers are at their students' side. An inclusive and almost familial environment is what characterises the intercultural SDI community and provides plenty of room for creativity and participation.

Benefits for you

  • International – lecturers, speakers, students and partner universities from all around the world

  • Personal – you are more than just a number

  • Hands-on – lecturers and professors from the business world, many business cooperations

  • Individual – small groups for ideal learning success

  • Successful – in your studies and career thanks to special guidance and support

  • Future-oriented – diverse and exciting career prospects

International campus
Native-speaker teachers
Hands-on experience
Individual support

Strategic focus

The strategic main focus of the SDI is strictly emphasising on the students’ needs, offering modern online formats and closely cooperating with companies. This focus benefits not only the students, but also the economy. After all, effective work in intercultural teams is often a greater challenge for global companies than professional competence. Due to the increasing digitalisation, adapting to communication techniques and understanding the differences between cultures is crucial to hitting the right note and developing a keen sense for who you are dealing with, even without being present on site.

The SDI München is an expert in professional communication in all areas. Founded in 1951 on the initiative of nine young translators and interpreters, the SDI has developed over the following decades into one of the most renowned training institutions for translators and interpreters. Anyone who wanted to study something language-related knew the SDI was their first choice.

Founding of the International University

With the founding of its own university in 2007, it is now possible to pursue an academic career at the SDI and earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or a PhD. At the centre of all possible career paths at the SDI is the SDI's claim to build bridges through professional communication – bridges between countries, cultures and people. No matter if you want to be a multilingual administrative assistant, translator, interpreter or if you are a graduate of one of the intercultural Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes; no matter if you want to work in an international company, the political sphere or a global non-profit organisation – graduates of all degree programmes are greatly sought after.

So are graduates of all other fields of study and training at the SDI München. No matter if you are interested in the fields of marketing, sales or digital business development as bridge builders between companies and customers; no matter if you are intrigued by the fields of human resources and management, ensuring perfect communication between employers and employees – graduates of the translator and interpreter training programmes are sought-after language mediators in politics and business.

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