Double Degree: BA in Translation & State Exam

Three-part BA exam

After completing the practice-oriented training offered by the Professional College, in the BA course you will focus your attention on scholarly theories that are relevant to translation and linguistic systems. The three parts of the BA exam are described below:

Image: Three-part BA exam

In the courses preparing you for the written theory test you will deal with the history, the practice, and various models of translation and interpreting studies. Other academic disciplines you will learn about include the fundamentals and applications of linguistics and terminological studies. The curriculum (PDF) also encompasses the theories and practice of text analysis and cultural studies as they pertain to translation.

In the Bachelor’s thesis you will investigate a specific research question in detail. To help you manage this task, we offer courses on academic writing, research, and document creation using a word processing tool. You will have at least one advisor from the University of Applied Languages or the Professional College to help guide you through the process of writing your thesis.

At the final oral exam you will defend your thesis and answer questions from your advisor and a second examiner.

LAST UPDATED 24.8.2015