BA International Media Communication &
Technical Communication

Letting people use and enjoy technology and interactive media –
that’s your job!

Course Structure
Image: BA International Media Communication & Technical Communication – Course Structure

Technology is everywhere. It has become an integral part of our life. Smartphones, tablets, PCs, and soon even minicomputers worn on our body are all supposed to help us to understand the world and organise our everyday and professional life. This only works when someone makes sure that the technological achievements of our digital world are explained in a clear and safe way – for different target groups with different knowledge, languages and cultural backgrounds.

This is just what the graduates of this degree programme will set out to do. Become a qualified mediator between technology and users – and do it perfectly in two languages: in German and in English!

Technical Writers work in companies that produce any of a wide variety of products; they work in specialist journalism or in professional training – all over the globe.

Your Career Prospects after Graduation

After completing the degree, you have all the qualifications technical editors and information specialists need. You might be:

  • Author of multilingual user manuals and instruction booklets
  • Author und localiser for online help and websites
  • Specialised Journalist
  • Press officer for international companies
  • Instructor for product and software training
  • Consultancy/sales and distribution (technology-based services and products)
LAST UPDATED 19.9.2019