BA International Business Communication

Student Testimonials

Carina (Alumna)
“The teaching at the University places an emphasis on practice – most of the teachers have professional experience outside the university. And the relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to make friends and contacts to help you on your way with your career.”

Winter Semester 2019/20

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Intercultural Competence and International Business Competence – Your Answer to Globalisation

Course Structure
Image: BA International Business Communication – Course Structure

You would like to use your language skills professionally, but you realise that you need more than that for a successful career? You are not alone! A degree that combines languages with business is just what many young people have been looking for.

Recent developments in the employment market show us why: Internationalisation and technological progress mean that more and more companies and organisations have to act and carry out projects in an international context. This means that many professions have completely different profiles to just a few years ago. Employees and managers with linguistic, intercultural and business competence are increasingly sought after.

The University of Applied Languages in Munich has reacted to the needs of the employment market and also to students’ wishes. The result is the International Business Communication degree.

This degree will give you competence in the areas of languages, communication, economics and intercultural competence. You can look forward to a variety of positions in different branches on the international employment market. The world is your oyster…

Is International Business Communication just what you have been looking for?

Your Career Prospects after Graduation

After you finish your degree you will be ready to start your career, be it in a German or in an international company or organisation. You might work in:

  • International Marketing
  • Global Market Research
  • International Project Management
  • Consultancy
  • Human Resources
  • Professional Training
  • International Sales and Distribution

You will also be qualified to study one of the many Master degree programmes in Germany or abroad, including the MA Intercultural Communication and Moderation at the University of Applied Languages.

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