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    Double Degree in Translation

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    Multilingual communication at the highest level

    Do you enjoy communicating, networking and doing research? And are you fascinated by languages? As a professional translator / interpreter, you will never be at a loss for words when written or verbal information needs to be exchanged across languages.

    At its state-certified Professional College, the SDI offers a practice-oriented course which will train you to work as a translator / interpreter and to meet current market demands. After only three years – and just two years if you are very proficient in your first foreign language – you can take the Bavarian State Exam for Translators and immediately begin your career. Alternatively, you can decide to do a double degree and obtain your BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Translation in just one additional semester. This can pave the way to an academic career.

    Skills summary

    • You will become an expert in international communication – both in conversation and in written correspondence.
    • In addition to advanced proficiency in two languages, you will gain broad and detailed knowledge in a specialty subject of your choice (economics or engineering, among others). As an alternative, you can focus on just one foreign language and study two specialty subjects. The Professional College of the SDI allows you to adapt the course to your individual needs and interests.
    • You will become adept at professionally translating specialized and general texts.
    • You will acquire a high level of cultural competence and develop a keen understanding of the idiosyncrasies of other cultures.
    • You will become well versed in using common tools of computer-aided translation.
    • You will be able to skilfully interpret a dialogue between experts in your specialty subject area and convey even the slightest nuances of meaning.

    Occupational Profile / Career Prospects

    In our globalized world, multilingual communication professionals are highly sought after in international companies and organizations. Because of your well-developed linguistic and cultural competence coupled with a solid background in one or two specialty subjects, you will be in a position to enter a wide range of dynamically developing fields on the job market. As a state-certified translator, you can assume responsibility for handling multilingual written and verbal communication in your company or organization, for managing translation projects, for translating specialized texts (from fields such as economics, engineering, law, natural sciences or medicine), for software and website localization, or for interpreting high-level conversations and negotiations between specialists, among many other tasks.

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    AZAV approved

    The SDI München is accredited under German employment advancement law (AZAV), and its management system has been certified by the TÜV SÜD GmbH.

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