Train2Validate (Erasmus+ KA203 Project)

The International University SDI München will participate in an Erasmus+ KA203 that aims for an academic certification of people with intellectual disabilities as easy-to-read validators.

  • The Train2Validate Project will take place over the next three years through a consortium composed by seven partners from five European Union countries and led by the Spanish social organization Plena Inclusión Madrid
  • It aims to create a professional profile of easy-to-read validator to contribute to the formal education and employability of people with intellectual disabilities

The Train2Validate Project has been selected in the Erasmus+ KA203 call for its relevance in helping to reduce inequalities in access to formal education by promoting innovative practices from a social point of view. The project aims to create the professional profile of easy-to-read validator and facilitator and the development of training products for validating and improving easy-to-read materials.

Plena Inclusión Madrid, a Spanish social organization that works to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, leads this project in which six organization from five European Union countries also take part: the International University SDI München (Germany) and the university SSML Pisa (Italy), specialized in translation and interpretation, and the Timisoara Polytechnic University (Romania) through its translators’ school of telecommunications and business communication; the social organizations Zavod RISA (Slovenia), which works with people with intellectual disabilities, and Fundatia Professional (Romania), specialized in education with people in social exclusion risk; and the company ECQA (Austria), a certifier of European professional profiles, compose the consortium.

During the development of the project, it is planned to become half of a dozen of high impact and transferability intellectual products through five events aimed to bring Train2Validate outcomes out in the local environments of each partner.

In short, “Train2Validate” aims that validators and facilitators of easy-to-read methodology get an academic recognition and a common curriculum certificated on a European scale.  

Plena Inclusión Madrid president, Mariano Casado, has shown his satisfaction with the award to stress the need for the easy-to-read methodology to take into account people with disabilities to check the understanding of the content and put in value their ability to perceive comprehensive difficulties where others do not.

Casado has thanked the rest of partners the confidence placed in Plena Inclusión Madrid that face its first European experience with a firm commitment to achieve the objectives established in the project.

  • The International University SDI München is an expert in training in intercultural communication. We offer state-recognised and accredited Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes around business, communication, media and language. As a private university, students benefit from small learning groups and intensive support from professors and lecturers. Our university is also known for its international atmosphere and campus. The International University SDI München pursues exclusively non-profit purposes. Contributions raised through tuition fees serve the continuous development of our study programmes.
  • Plena Inclusión Madrid is a social organization that works for supporting people with Intellectual Disabilities. It composed by a network of 18 associations and foundations in the Community of Madrid, which manage more than 360 centres and services. Around 5.000 professionals work in these organisations and more than 2.500 volunteers collaborate.

More information on the project website of Train2Validate

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